We are assuming everyone in the world that have an interest in agriculture products are aware of the spring planting challenges that growers have been faced with across the entire Midwest over the past 2 months due to unusually wet weather.   This is combination with significantly lower crop prices have caused significant stress in rural America….obviously related to the China/U.S. trade war.   Farm bankruptcies are up & farmer suicides are up.

世界中の農産物に関心を持っている人々なら、アメリカ中西部で、 2 か月ほど、例年より降水量が多いために農家が春の種まき作業に難航していることをご存知かと思います。

Some field and planting activity has started in central and western ND as well as pockets in Wisconsin, but this is mainly for wheat and corn planting.  
The Red River Valley region remains quite with another cool and rainy day today.  
The forecast is encouraging however. If the forecast holds, we expect that many/most will be in the fields next week.

レッドリバーバレー ( 私の畑がある所です ) では気温も低く今日も雨が降っています。


Many states are much, much farther behind with spring planting when compared to our immediate region.   North Dakota has probably the highest percentage of crop planted than other Midwest states.



Despite the success in North Dakota and to some extent Wisconsin, we still have some areas that need to get planted.   To be even more specific, some of the SB270 acres are still not yet planted.  We are about 90% complete to date.   Is it getting late??….yes, of course.   Is it getting too late?….not necessarily.   We think that planting before June 15th can be okay if the weather cooperates for the remainder of the growing season.   In comparison, Ohio for example is only 30% complete on their soybean planting.   Indiana, Illinois & Iowa are not much better.

さらに詳しくお伝えしますと、 SB270 (皆様へお届けしている品種)の種まきは今日までに約90%が終了していますが、まだ少し残っています。
6月 15日に植え付けをしても成長期の天候に恵まれれば問題はありません。
ほかの地域の状況をお伝えすると、オハイオ州では 30% しか種まきが終了していません。インディアナ州、イリノイ州、そしてアイオワ州も同じような状態です。

On the positive side, the temperatures are now finally much warmer, which not only helps dry the wet areas, but also allows for rapid emergence and plant development of late planted seeds.   So, you can obviously understand that we do have a bit of difference depending on producer location.    The attached pictures show some soybeans that emerged more than a week ago and are developing fast.

現時点では生産者の畑の位置によってかなり違いが生じていますが、添付した写真は1 週間前に発芽した大豆の写真で、順調に成長しているのを見て頂くことができると思います。


Robert B. Sinner