Bob’s Japan Visit Report 2024 Part 1

 Part 1 Bob came Yaaaaaaaaaa!


February 2024 Bob came to Kyushu for the first time in several years.


All the co-ops in Kyushu were excited to see him come to Japan for the first time in a while. Bob decided to stay for about a week and visit six member co-ops.



On the first day, Bob and his beloved daughter Amanda attended the Coop Kyushu Executive Board meeting. He explained that demand for soybeans for renewable diesel, which replaces fossil fuels, is increasing in the United States, and that securing producers is an issue for competing food-grade soybeans.



Afterwards, Bob and Amanda participated in Fcorp’s Instagram Live held in the kitchen of the headquarters building.

Mr. Sanekane, who is in charge of tofu in the Daily Products Department, introduced recipes using tofu as the event progressed.

Under Ken-chan’s guidance, Bob also tried his hand at cooking, such as cracking an egg with one hand.




Written by: Chitose Ueda, CRM Promotion Department

Favorite Bob product: Daizu plenty tofu

I cried when I saw how moved Amanda was when she learned that her father, Bob, is loved by everyone in Kyushu.



Union members from the northern area held a meet-and-greet with Bob.

Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu was decorated with various decorations to welcome Bob. Bob’s products are lined up in rows.

Mr. Sanekane from Co-op Kyushu Daily Delivery Department reported on his visit in 2023 and held a study session.

Afterwards, the union members and Mr. Bob had an interaction based on the questions collected in advance.

“My back hurts even when weeding a small field, how do I weed it?” “Do you eat natto?” “How are soybeans prepared in America? I have a specialty. Questions such as “Is this true?” were also asked.


As Bob left the venue, we surrounded Bob’s path with the applause we had practiced before the event and handmade flags to send him off.

After watching the video of the incident, Bob shook his head and tweeted, “Like a President…”

We will also introduce the exchange activities at Fcoop in the May issue of our newsletter, Fureai.


coop OITA

The next place to visit is the Coop Oita Coop Flyl store.

First, store committee members and association directors welcomed Mr. Bob and Amanda with a sample of the products, and enjoyed interacting with them as they shared recipes using Bob’s products.

The handwritten recipes, “English muffins” and “gratin” using tofu, all look delicious and will make you want to make them.

Then at the store

We had an interaction with the union members. Both those who said they eat tofu all the time and those who said it was their first time enjoyed talking with Bob while sampling the tofu.

Yuta, a 6th grade elementary school student, also bravely talked to Mr. Bob.

[I was surprised by Oita! ]

Part 1: When Bob got out of the car parked in front of the store and was moving to the second floor, he passed a high school boy. boys at that time

“Eh! Seriously? Isn’t that Bob?”

Co-op Oita is highly recognized…”It’s true!” I replied.

Part 2: The parents and children who came to interact with Bob first. Bob and Amanda were shocked to see that 6-year-old Keita was wearing a T-shirt that had “North Dakota” and “Bismarck” written on it. I never thought I would meet a small child in faraway Japan wearing clothes with the name of the place they came from printed on them! And that was on the first day of the exchange! Bob’s blog also describes the impact.

Unfortunately, the number of visitors was small due to the bad weather, but about 50 people in total, including staff members, had a heartwarming interaction.


DAY3 Continues from “Part 2” of DAY4.